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Aqua di Parma shave cream

I know there lots of good stuff written up here about Adp, but it tends to sting a bit between the 2 - 3 pass. :( It's very disappointing to say the least.

Any ideas?
I get that with a lot of creams. I diagnosed it to be too much fragrance on shaven skin. Putting a lot more water on my face and having a thinner, more runny lather for my third pass did help a lot, but in the end I just ditched heavily scented creams. My face has thanked me, but then I didn't drop the coin on AdP, so I would try some extra water.


Very important point first: make sure you are using the version in the tub; not the tube.

Now that I've got that straightened out, there are a few things that you can try:

- When you originally make the lather, make sure your brush has very little water on it before swirling gently and briefly inside the tub. Then apply the brush to an extremely wet face and lather on it as usual. If necessary, dip the tips of the brush in hot water for extra moisture.

- For your 2nd or 3rd passes and beyond, remember to squeeze the brush and get the extra creamy lather that's hiding inside the brush. That stuff feels ultra protective (for all soaps/creams I guess) and gives really good coverage.

Try that and let us know if you get any better results. Good luck!
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