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April 2006 EdT Original Bottle Raffle

Here's the deal gentlemen.

Whenever possible I purchase fragrances, to be decanted, without an atomizer. Bottles with an atomizer get beat up too much in the decanting process. Those without an atomizer or that can be salvaged will be raffled off.

This month the following bottles are available:

Taylor of Old Bond Street #74 Collection Victorian Lime - two bottles
Acqua Di Parma - one bottle.

Those individuals who purchased a decant are eligible to win the original bottle the fragrance came in. For example, if you purchased a #74 decant, you are eligible to enter the #74 bottle raffle. If your name is chosen for multiple bottles, you will be asked to choose only one so there's more to go around.

If you wish for your name to be withdrawn, please PM me.

If you win, the bottle will be shipped with your decant. So I don't spoil the surprise, the winners will not be announced but are encouraged to share their findings with the others.

Each month I will announce what bottles if any will be raffled.

Good Luck Gents! :thumbup1:
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