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Anyone Here Using a Bialetti?

Thanks for doing the legwork for me, @MntnMan62. I was look at the thread on my phone, so searching just wasn't in the cards. Yes, listening to that thread and some online reviews, it sounds like the Brikka is more trouble than it's worth, especially since I already can make true espresso.

I've been eyeing a Moka (just because it seems like it's time for another toy), so I'll have to keep my eye out and see if I can pick one up on some sort of deal.
No problem. You peaked my curiosity as well so I'm glad I checked into it. I like the Moka but I don't have an espresso machine, so this has to do until I get one. I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond and used the Amazon sale price of $26 that BB&B matched. If you're looking for a toy, I guess it's as good as any.