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Any updates to the PILS rust issues?

I've noticed PILS offers a 2 year warranty, but I was wondering if there were any updates to some of the older rust issue threads?

Anybody hear back from PILS as to what was causing this issues? (Was it just a batch or is it a consistent issue, etc.)
I've had mine for about 3 months. No sign of any rust or discoloration. I rinse it after each use and just shake it dry. I clean it with Scrubbing Bubbles and dry it when I change blades, after 5-6 shaves.
Ok, this is my routine. I shave, take the blade out and place or put somewhere until the next shave...then I rinse and dry the razor...no problems ever. Takes another minute. I have a block of wood that I made with a magnet in it. Put the blade on it and voila no problems. If you have kids figure something else out. The point is, take care of the equipment and it'll take care of you. The Pils requires some extra maintenance. Good luck
Also as an extra update I got my Pils from a really good guy who left his blade in the razor and didn't like the rust that happened because of leaving the blade in.
i usually take the blade out when i shave with it, so i have never had an issue with rust. Have not heard of any updates.
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