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Any new or interesting beard ointments or oils to keep an eye out for?

Please direct me.

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The Nid Hog

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Stubble & Stache has recently reformulated their beard moisturizer and included an SPF 30 sunblock. It's OK for your beard and your face. I wore it last summer/fall and I thought it was great.
It look me a while but I finally found my #1 go to beard oil, it's by Artius Man - Midnight Ride, it's a little thicker but lasts all day, scent is Black Licorice (Sambuca), so if you like this smell, it's what you need! I can apply it at 6am and at 8pm while in the gym can pick up little hints of it. They also sell samples if you don't want to commit to a full bottle.

For beard Balm, I like Grave before Shave - Bay Rum scent, it's a medium hold but the scent stays with you all day on a mild side.

I also picked up a Scotch Porter set (Shampoo, Conditioner, Balm and Serum) as they are having a 50% off holiday sale but the scent I picked......I'm not happy with, although my son likes it so he is using it now.
Beard Octane. Great ingredients and scents. I'm not associated with them, but I am a happy as hell customer. You can't go wrong with anything from them. I haven't liked anything I've bought from them so far. Highly recommended.
I've been using beard butter from The Beard Place, and it tames the beard quite a bit. Look up beard beardtube on YouTube. He shows you how to make your own and if you don't, he also provides a link for some natural stuff you can buy.