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Any help identifying this?


This arrived, this morning and I was wondering if anyone could help identify it, please?

There are no markings on it, so no help there...

I've seen a few of these in the BST in the past.

Did a quick search there and not a lot of help, but in this thread, at post #9 scottydoint says it's probably a German razor, likely a Merkur. Seems confirmed by this thread.
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I bought a similar set recently. My razor was marked HOFFRITZ under the head. I'm sure that your razor is a similar German (or US) travel set.

Thanks for the help, chaps.

After checking AsylumGuido's referred thread, it seems I have one of the German 4-piece travel razors, as some of you suspected.

After de-gunking the whole lot, I can still find absolutely no markings, so it will be a "deutsche namenlos", then... :biggrin:
Possibly strengthening the theory that some of these travel razors were made by Gillette, I have one with a Gillette Old Type Head (marked Gillette) and a two piece handle identical to yours. The nickel plated box is marked 'Germany' and contains a tiny pop-up head shaving brush along with the razor.

They also shave really well - I regularly use mine as a travel razor.
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