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Any Fujifilm X100 owners?

Ever since reading the review from dpreviews.com and Ken Rockwell, I've been fascinated by this camera. I even put my D5100 up for sale to fund it's purchase but with no joy. Anyone own/use this camera?
I saw some posts on Gizmodo about it before it actually came out. I think its a pretty neat (and expensive) little camera. I do love that it is styled like older all mechanical 35mm cameras. I also love that all of the controls are traditional, not accessed through a menu or a weird series of buttons and clicks. I guess the large sensor is the main draw here, but for the money, I wouldn't mind interchangeable lenses.
I want the X100 so much it hurts, it's just the perfect camera for me.....

And it's also just stunning to look at.

The aspects of it that get me going are the fact that it reacts xly quickly, has amazing low light noiselessness and produces stunning pictures. I feel the price is warranted. We all know that quality costs, to make as well as to buy and I don't think there's anything out there to beat it, not even with a red dot. I just don't know if I'd be limiting my output by using it exclusively or become an annoyance trying to get shots of people from so close.
I'm hungering for another camera, which is silly I know- I should probably get a really good prime for my D5100.
I was looking and fiddling about with a Nikon D300s the other day. That is one meaty unit. But I was surprised to learn it's 3 years old and only 12MP. It sells for 9.5k over here. Any alternatives in the magnesium-framed DSLR market for around $1,000? I'm looking for a step up from a D5100/EOS 600D. Trouble is the D5100 has the same imaging pathway of the D700. What's the next Canon up from the 600D?
I would really like one of these. I get to play with one pretty regularly, they are just nice. As is the X10. A bit too pricey for me at the moment, sadly.
I have both the X-100 and XPro1, and love them both to death.

The X-100 made my Nikon gather dust. The XPro1 turned the X-100 into a travel camera.

First shot was taken with the X-100, and yes, that is the Vogue Italia logo on it :001_smile.
The second was taken with the XPro1.


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Fantastic photos Jorge!

And yup, that's exactly why I want one on these, they are capable of truly professional images in the right hands.

Event the "cheap" X10 is quite good, Fuji is on a roll.
I would love to post more, but my best images are nudes, and I don't think that's quite permitted here.

Here are three more, taken with the XPro1.


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