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Antique Store Gillette Find

So I stopped by an Antique Shop this weekend and while I was looking for a straight I picked up this relic. I've always been interested in a DE shaving, but I'm primarily a straight shaver, so this is my first. I looked around the site but I havent been able to find any definitive info. I was hoping you guys could tell me more about it. Sorry about the poor quality pics. On one side of the handle it says Pat.Nov.15.04. Under the head its stamped K695407.

It came in a cool case. There are 2 small cracks in the handle, and I guess thats typical of razors this age. It's pretty crusty, but I'm hoping to clean it up with some soapy water, a toothbrush, and some elbow grease, which I assume is the best method. I only paid $4.50 for it, so I figure it wasn't a bad deal:001_smile.

As a side note, this is my first post, but I've been surfing these forums for quite some time and there is so much helpful info here, thanks a lot guys.
That's an old type brownie set. I have one, I like the way it shaves, but I am probably biased, most of my DE's are open combed!
Not really sure. But it sounds like it was a pretty good deal for a razor that old with the case.( I'm assuming the "04" marking on the razor is for 1904). Soap and toothbrush is fine, but a good bathroom cleaner that won't hurt a chrome finish (Scrubbing Bubbles) is probably the most efficient type of cleaner to use that won't hurt the finish. Congrats.:thumbup1:
I cleaned with some dish soap and a old toothbrush. I got a lot of the gunk off, the handle is beginning to look like it was originally silver. Hopefully I didn't scrape off too much of the plating. I'm going to try the baking soda and aluminum trick, I'll post pics when I'm done. Thanks for all the great advice.

I went ahead and shaved with it for the first time today. I picked up some personnas at walmart, and they provided a very close shave. As someone used to straights it seems so effortless. I wasn't as careful at monitoring the blade angle as I should have been. Oddly when I shave with a straight my neck is the easiest, least problematic area. But with the DE my neck was the most troublesome. If I didn't mind spending an hour shaving I could just use both for my routine, then I'd be in business.
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