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Antique rifles

The 3rd from the left is a 45-70 USA armorey fromt he mexican american war. There are initails engraved on the side that say SM 1892. Youll notice the #1 and the 84 below that....not sure what this means. The 2nd from the left is a black powder in need of repair. There are no engravings of any sort so not sure who made it or how old but it is beautifull. I also have a pistol that didnt get in these photos and has been shot once....It is from god knows when but the story is from my grandfather is that when it was fired it back fired and killed a freind of his and was never fired again. The bullet is the 45-70

Nice full sleeve tat. Even nicer 45-70... Those things kick like a mule but damned if they aren't worth it. Love them rifles!

I cant begin to tell you how beautifull this thing is....the pictures dont do it justice. I cant seem to figure out what the hell the #'s mean....none of my family knows. Any one?
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