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Another spot to buy Penhaligon's?

I recently placed an order for some of the Penhaligon frags (From ShopLondons) and they were out of Endymion :cursing: and they weren't sure when they'd get it back in. I checked the Penhaligon's website, and they were also out of stock. Does anyone know another online shop where I can find it?
Crispy (what's your name?)

If you can stand the two-three hour drive down to Charlottesville, you can sample all of the online things on the Shoplondons.com website. I was there about two weeks ago and I always enjoying sampling the three T's as well as the other great things that they have for sale. They have a fantastic store. A little more pricey, yes, but nothing beats being able to sample so many items at one time.

The owner is trying to get the Czech & Speake line in the store as well. He used to sell the line a long time ago, but before the internet really took the business off.

Heh, my name is Chris. I guess I should link the hall of fame thingy. The drive from here to C-Ville is about an hour and a half if I sprout wings and there's no cops along the road, but I just haven't had time to go. I'm looking forward to checking it out when I do though.
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