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Another newbie question - switching hands?

I was reading Legati's diary posts and got to the part where he said he noticed he doesn't have the same grip from his left hand as he does on the right. And I said "What?".

I'm right-handed, so the left side gets the er, reach around. Do people really switch which hand is driving the razor?
I switch hands. I had to spend some effort training myself to use my off-hand when I was first learning to use straight razors, as shaving the left side with the right hand just wasn't working.

More recently, I figured why not use the off-hand with other types of razor too, so I do.

I am not as confident or dextrous with the left hand, and probably never will be, but it takes surprisingly little effort to get over the initial "hump" and start incorporating the left hand gradually. Just start on the easy areas like the cheeks and gradually build it up.


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Only for shaving my shoulders or behind my neck on left side. See video below.

Please note, Homer rinses in the sink and doesn't leave the tap running. So that debate can be settled now.

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"Mostly" ambidextrous. I switch. Sometimes it can be easier shaving the right side with the left hand and vice versa, which is a real skull-twister to understand. :)

I don't know why this surprises me at all, but I feel like posting one of those "I was today years old when I found out people switched hands shaving."

I need to sit down and think about this, my head hurts.
Well, for what it’s worth, once you get the angle and pressure down, you will likely become proficient with both.

Since i have had multiple shoulder surgeries with both arms, you learn pretty quickly.

My only true advice, start with a razor you really know or something like the Karve Overlander (postive blade exposure but mild).

The blade exposure gave me feedback I needed to know I was at the right angle.
I cant imagine anyone is more right handed than myself, but I do think everyone should attempt it. There is only one spot on my neck (port aft side), that I am cautions about shaving left handed with my straights, but I make myself. Muscle memory is a real thing and you can do it with practice. Keep fighting and it will come. At the end of the day, if your shaving right handed, your enjoying yourself and can get'er done, don't let anyone make you believe your doing it wrong. Nobody is keeping score, your not breaking any laws. If someone is judging you, tell them (as unpolitely as you like) to go kick rocks.
I like being able to use either hand. You will have a bit more dexterity with your dominant hand, but if you practice with the other hand your dexterity with it will improve.
I am left handed but prefer using my right hand on the right side of my face and the left on the left side……The times I seem to nick my self, (fingers mostly), is when I am passing the razor between hands too quickly.🤞⛑️ 🩸.


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I like being able to use either hand. You will have a bit more dexterity with your dominant hand, but if you practice with the other hand your dexterity with it will improve.
This is my experience using both hands with a straight razor. I recently had the experience where it felt so intuitive using my off hand that I continued to shave parts of my face I usually use with dominant hand. Switching back and forth has become so natural, I wasn’t focused I was doing it, then something changed and I became aware I was using my non dominant hand and switched back. Strange.

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Use what is most comfortable, I have used both hands but I prefer my Right hand. Some fellows who straight razor shave will switch hands, with my Shavette I received good shaves with just my right hand using a Kai Protouch blade in my Shavette razor.
I'm shocked by the responses to this. 🤯 I knew straight shavers have to use both hands, but I'm right-handed and can't imagine using my left hand to shave with a DE - I'm barely getting by with my right! Whatever works for you, of course, but I don't see how it would benefit me much, either. The only place that I can think that I have any trouble due to right handedness is my right mustache corner and shaving XTG on that side of my mustache, reaching around to hold my skin, and even that isn't that hard.
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