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An Introduction

I've been reading for about a month or so and finally decided it was time to join and post.

For the past 6 years or so I've been in search of the better shave, and until recently, this had landed me with the following typical SOTD:

Gillette Fusion
Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash
Kiehl's Ulitmate Brushless Shave Cream - White Eagle
Kiehl's Blue Astringent Herbal Lotion
Kiehl's Facial Fuel ASB

(catch a theme there!)

The results are OK but nothing spectacular... I've managed to acheive an irritation free, but not very close, shave.

And then I read the MSN article that probably led so many of you here.

Being a product whore, wet shaving seemed perfect for me so I dove right in:

One day's worth of orders got me a Merker Hefty Classic, the full NB shave and hair care line, Taylor's avacado, GFT Violet, Musgo Cream, Poraso Cream, Taylor's Coral Skin Food, and a Vulfix 2234.:eek:

I'm happy to report that thanks to reading tips/tricks/techniques here I've been shaving with my DE for a week without so much as a nick or razor burn and getting closer shaves than I ever got with the M3 or Fusion. I am having some latering issues (need more water I think) but nothing that a little practice won't solve.

I ordered some Tabac Shave soap, QED Patchouli/Tea Tree/Peppermint soap, Da Vinci water, and Baxter Protein shampoo today so I'll be anxious to test the soaps soon.

Anyway, sorry for the long winded intro. Thanks to all for the ongoing input.

Welcome to B & B!

Based on your orders already I think you will fit in just fine...I see an early onset of SCAD developing...the only solution? Order some more...
I should add:

The NB guys are great! I joined for my 15% discount. When my order came, I was curious what the sample might be and was hoping it was a sample bar of soap.

To my surprise they had included four full size soap bars in each scent! :smile:
Welcome to B&B. It sounds as though you've jumped right in with both feet and have already begun to enjoy the spoils of wet shaving. Congratulations to you, and keep us updated on your progress.
Welcome aboard, You have ordered some great products.... but believe me if you hang out here long enough, it will only get worse SCAD...BAD... or whatever you want to call it.:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Cheers, DJ.

Nice beginning, man! Great taste in your product choices, and sounds like you're getting tremendous results.

My hat is off to you!
Welcome Aaron!

And so it begins,SCAD, RAD,SBAD

SCAD that is, shaving gold, DE tea, and the first thing u know........

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