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Ambrose custom Strop

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to get a hold of one of Jose's(Ambrose) new Spanish leather strops.

First off it is a beautiful looking strop and the Spanish leather is great for stropping razors. Mine came with a Cotton backing which I requested because I like to use it before the leather side.

Ambrose not only did a great job in choosing an outstanding quality of leather for this strop, but he really showed off with how well constructed it is. From the hardware to the clean cuts and even the subtle, but nice logo on the bottom of the strop this piece screams quality.

Thanks again Jose and I can't wait to see the paddle strop and the other projects you have up your sleeve.
Im glad you are enjoying it bud :thumbup1:

Here is the exact strop I sent you I did a photo shoot with it.



I'm going tag my review on this thread to keep things organized and since Jose already provided the pictures I won't have to take hours to try to get a nice shot. I ordered a 2x24 strop with a plain end. I've been a huge fan of plain ends because you get to use more stropping surface and I run the blade as close to my fingers as you can get. I've always wanted a longer strop; it looks traditional and tall and slender:tongue_sm

I've been really enjoying horse hide finish alone for some time now and have usually used it as a finishing strop after using a latigo strop. When I received this strop, not knowing what part of the animal it came from it didn't seem like your normal velvety smooth finish. The surface was tight, I have not felt a surface like it before. It had quite a bit of draw but provided a very smooth finish. The razor doesn't glide over the strop it has enough draw to accomplish both a nice sharp edge and finish. I have found myself stropping possibly 100+ times just because it feels great. The finish is a beautiful honey color which I'm assuming it's from the tanning and treatment process. I measure it about (using a standard ruler and a little conversion) about 5mm thick. It is no wimp in this category and this strop will last a lifetime unless mistreat it yourself.

Second Material:10
I don't know if there is an option for stropping material, I just chose a linen backing to it. I'm glad I did because the back matches to the 2" width of the strop and looks like a cleaner strop visually. It doesn't resemble a material I've used before, I'd say it is a version of linen. It has a dense webbing that doesn't fold and feels sturdy. I do like that after almost two weeks there are no signs of fraying and it has excellent feedback.

Normally in a horsehide I would probably not even give it a score because I don't notice any draw but this does have enough to score big points because of the feed back.

I love the design because since I like the plain end and unobstructed strops with dangling things this one fits me. Besides performance, the most positive thing for me in a design perspective is the one piece design. There is not second piece of leather at the top of the rivets(?). It just folds over nicely.:thumbup1:

I have no doubt this strop is worth every penny. I have never paid over $100 for a strop and have come close to buying luxury strops but never found the need to when there are wonderful products out that do the job just fine. This strop is half of most English Bridle and Cordovan strops.

From one perspective of dealing with Jose it is has been great. There is something about dealing with the artisan of any product, they just care of the product but most of all the functionality of it for the consumer. I already put my name down for another strop from AMBROSE. If you are looking for a slick horse hide strop, this is not your strop. It has plenty of feedback and draw. I see no signs of the leather wearing down or cupping.

*My only negative review about it is that the hardware I got was made for a 2-1/2 wide strop. My strop was custom at 2" and was not being offered so I can't look into it too much. I already communicated that with Jose. But I just can't go around giving 10's out, so he's going to have to earn it on his next project:biggrin1:
I have the pleasure of owning a strop from Jose as well, Cordovan. You can't beat the price or the craftsmanship. Highly recommended!
In addition to my review above I was told by Jose that the material isn't linen it is a natural cotton canvas and it doesn't fray because they are treated with a seam sealer.
I got my Ambrose Custom Spanish Horsehide Strop about a week ago....I couldn't be happier with it. I've had a few things done my Ambrose and must say I have always been impressed with his work. It is always a pleasure doing business with Jose.:thumbup1:
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I went ahead and posted a review of this strop in the reviews section. Comments on that review or on the stroo itself should made here though. Unless you are doing a full review, just comments messes up the averages on ratings, if I recall correctly!

Wonderful strop!!!
Ordered one of Jose's strops this morning. Jose is a real gentleman and I am happy to support someone working his hardest to get his business up and running. Beautiful products and extremely fair prices. I would happily bet we have an up and coming world class strop maker. All the best to you Jose! :001_smile
Count me another very happy owner of one of Jose's strops. The design is beautiful, the workmanship, impeccable. :thumbup:
I have one of the Spanish leather ones which I am impressed with the performace of as well. I putting together a "long term" review together and will post it in a couple of weeks. I'd like to see how it responds to dressing it with left over lather etc...
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