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Am I in need of a hone

Ive been using my razor for about a month now and Ive started to notice its just started to pull on the thicker parts of my beard.Im not sure if Im stropping correctly or if my razor needs its first hone?

Does anyone with a good experince live near me?

I need someone to really show me the ropes on keeping my razor sharp. Ive read alot of stuff and watched some vids but I think I would learn a bit quicker if I could see it first hand. I live in Northampton U.K. I dont mind traveling as long as its not scotland or cornwall.

Or should I go to an old barbbers in my town and ask them nicely.
I would try 40 licks each side alternating on your strop and with an extremely light touch for the last 5 strokes then do the hanging hair test. With a thick long hair (ex: I use them from my wife's brush) hold the hair horizontal with your thumb and forefinger. Then bring the blade up slowly about 1/4 inch from where you are holding the hair. If the hair doesn't pop in two from all sections of your blade then it is time for honing. The best hone in my opinion is the Norton 4000/8000. At straight razor place you can find a lot of hints from Lynn Abrams (adjustme69) on honing. It is a learning process but with patience you will do fine. You can also send your blade to a "honemeister" like Lynn for honing. I'm sure there are a lot of very skilled ones in the UK.

Is this the only straight you have? Unless you occasionally use a straight I think you should have at least 3 and preferrably 7 (the razor edge needs to "rest" in between shavings) Also there are a lot of other questions you will want to answer such as:
- do you strop before the shave or after it? (stroping afterwards is not recommended)
- Does your strop have a linen side? (the linen heats up your edge and prepares it for stroping. Microscopically the edge has 'teeth'. The teeth curl up somewhat and if you jump immediately to the strop you could break them. The linen will heat them up enough that the stroping will straighten them out.)
- Technique: the main part about stroping is that you pull the strop taught so that the leather edge is straight. Secondly that you always move edge trailing. If you accidently move the other way you can nearly ruin the razor. For honing you lead edge first.
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