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    I usually use Alum block after shave with cold water all over my face and it makes my skin tight,glowing and some times I dont even need to use after shave.

    But today I tried Alum block after my second pass and my shave was amazing.

    After second pass I washed my face with Lukewarm water and rub alum over my face and quickly started shaving it has helped shave AGT pass effortlessly.And my face was BBS.

    One more tips I got was Alum makes hand non slippery so I was holding my futur like never before.It was like I got rubber grip on it.

    So from me double thumbs up:thumbup: for Alum block before and after shave.Before shave on third pass and after shave with cold water.

    If any one has already tried Alum block before shave plz share your experience.

  1. Wow, the fact that the alum block seemed to improve your shave is surprising. Ordinarily, the use of hot water is to open the pores and soften the beard in order to make shaving easier. The alum block does the opposite -- it closes your pores. Moreover, it's very drying.

    I'm glad it worked for you. I would need to hear positive experiences from several other people before I'd be brave enough to try it myself.
  2. Pics of Alum block.

    Bottom one is in use hence crystal like.

    Sorry for the poor picture quality it was taken from my camera phone.

  3. You are right but it made my hair stand straight so it was easier to shave and I didnt let my face get dry it was wet while I shaved.

    And after I was finished I rinsed with cold water and used Alum block again there were no sting so my shave was perfect.

  4. I'll try it tomorrow morning and see what happens.

  5. actually it makes sense. I believe I remember hearing some older barbers used to rub flat tops and similar with alum blocks to stand the hair up.
  6. pal


    Vivroy, by Jove, you may have stumbled on to something here.
  7. I'll try it tomorrow. I'm a loyal Alum user after the shave. I'll let you know how it goes.
  8. I noticed my hairs stand more erect after a splash of AS with witch hazel, and I had the same thought, but hadn't tried it.

    Good to hear it worked out for you!

    Now to see if my suspicion holds true for me as well....:mellow:
  9. If you look at the adverts for alum block (and for that matter Trumpers skin food), you will see that it is recommended both for pre- and post-shave. Like many others, I struggle to understand why ...

    Someone out there must know. I am going to try too!
  10. Vivroy: After second pass, did you shave with just wet face and alum or did you re-lather? If just wet face and alum, it sounds a bit "hairy",:eek::001 but you may have just have discovered a pearl. I will wait for your answer before trying this technique. Always up for anything new.:001_smile
  11. The box that my alum block came in says the following:

    If there is anyone on here who uses an electric shaver, can they confirm this?
  12. Hi,After second pass I applied alum block but when I tried to apply shaving creame on my face it kind of disappeared from the brush and skin so I countinued shaving with whatever amount of lather left on my face(My face was still wet from the rinse after second pass.).And dont let face get dry.

    (Try to apply shaving cream after alum block you will get an idea what I am trying to say.)

    I hope it helps.

  13. Thanks for the clarification Vivroy, I'll give it a try.
  14. As so I did, and now I will.

    After the xtg pass I rinsed with warm water and smoothed the alum around. After a few seconds I rinsed it away as my alum block sometimes leaves scant crumbs of alum. The next lathering was effected negatively. Almost as if the alum sucked the lather out of the brush! I was able to get a decent coating before my atg pass. The result was fine, but not any better from the day before. When finished I rinsed with cold water and used the alum again as I regularly do. I'd be willing to give the mid-way alum another try, but I can't say that it made much of a difference.
  15. You are right about lather disappearing from brush so what I have tried is applied lather by hand from the bowl(I make lather in the bowl not directly on the face.)And it worked.

    The thing you are saying about Alum leaving scant crumbs , it didnt happnen to me.I dont know if there are many types of Alum block or all are same but mine looked like the picture above and it leaves clear coating and doesn't leave any white stuff like septic pencil.

  16. I did try this morning and as stated above, the lather did kind of "disappear". Actually i would say the lather would not adhere to my skin as good. I really didn't notice an overall difference in my shave. I may try again tomorrow morning to confirm.

  17. I tried this today, applied alum after first pass. Did 3 passes with touch-up and had a very good shave!!
  18. It's always amazing to me just how different we all are. What works for one can be horrible for another. That is the fun in all of this. Trying and learning what works and what doesn't.
  19. for disappearing lather I wonder if small amounts of alum left behind resulted in instant hard water type effect? Lots of minerals make hard water, hard water is bad juju for lather, alum is mineral.....

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