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Almost a year, My Shave Den & Storage

I have been at B&B almost one year and I wanted to post pics of my shave den & storage system:

First the pics of my razor and brush rotational storage system.
Starting on the top shelf (both shelves are made from cedar tie racks) from Left to right:
My home made brush, Rudy Vey are the following red/black and green brushes, then Cooncatbob, a refurbished Duble Duck, a refurbished Penhaligon, followed by another home made brush.
Bottom Row is a Tweezerman and a refurbished Burma Shave. (Yes, the hippo bank is my used razor bank)

View attachment $IMG00400-20100818-2105.jpg

I do use a test tube holder for my razor holder.

View attachment 118925
Now here are my current use aftershaves (Mama Bear) and antiseptics
View attachment 118926

NOW, for my storage I went for a larger of the toilet tank than most people.
I went for a 36" x 30" x 15" cabinet:

View attachment 118931
And here it is open. I used stainless steel peg boards inside the doors.
I will post close ups next:

View attachment 118932

Obviously SWMBO has a separate bathroom!!:laugh:
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This thread needs to be deleted. It's making my AD burn with a heat of a thousand suns. Shame on you and your incredible den :p
Wow! great set up. Personally Id be worried about those brushes and razors in the cabinet falling into the toilet.
Wow! great set up. Personally Id be worried about those brushes and razors in the cabinet falling into the toilet.
The doors stay closed and the cabinet is secured to the studs in the wall.
All precautions have been taken in that regard.
Talk about a man cave! I even noticed a phone on the wall. Now you can sit on the throne and have a conversation at the same time. Do you have an emergency "cough" mute button on it. :laugh:
Jeez, I'm a little over a year in and I have a tube of Proraso, Trumpers SS, Cella SS, AV splash, Nivea balm, Ivy Spice splash, Thayers WH, a couple of good brushes, and four razors and that's it....I want whatever job you have! :001_smile
Very nice!!!

Did you make those shelves in the first pic?

What did you use to hold the brushes?

I've been looking to put something up like that in my bathroom.

Running out of room, but no where near what you have!!!


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Nice work John! The last picture in the first post almost look like the Hardware Store!!
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