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Airline travel and safety razors

I have only been using a DE razor for three months and haven't had to fly on the airlines yet. What are everyone's experiences with TSA. I assume everything is ok in checked baggage but how has it worked for carry on? Do you even attempt to carry razor blades on board or just plan on hitting a drug store for some blades at arrival? Thanks for the advice.
DE razor blades are specifically prohibited for carry-ons. Checked baggage SHOULD be ok, but a lot of people have suggested mailing your favorite blades to your destination. There was a thread in the razor blade forum the other day that had a setup with nickel coin wrappers that looked pretty safe. If you send it to a hotel just put "Guest --- arriving (date)" and they should hold it for you. Better than having to hunt around for Persona Barbers at a drug store and paying $5.
Don't take any sharp object in the carry-on. Whenever I travel I put my DE equipment in the checked baggage. I never had a problem with it.
Oh yes, TSA my favorite people, They just can't keep their hands off me.
Here is Stan the man's plan, You can take your razor on to the plane as carry on.
If you have a three piece razor and you take it apart the TSA is most likely not going to recognize it.
A Wilkinson sword classic razor will also not be bothered being mostly plastic.

A TTO razor will be checked. I have found that putting it in the tray with your keys and wallet is the fastest way to get the razor checked, and keep TSA from digging around in your bag.
Well they might dig around in your bag any way, But not to look at your razor.

They do not let you carry razorblades on to the plane as carry on.
The blades are prohibited from carry on but the handles are ok. However be prepared to have them check to make sure there is no blade in it. I was asked to take the razor out, disassemble it and show there way no blade in it. They were very nice about the process and I understand what they were doing but you should be prepared, I left the handle in an easy place to get in anticipation of this. Now that CVS carries DE and SE blades I usually just buy my blades when I arrive where I am and deal with the CVS brand (I think they are persona) blades for my travel time. If you are lucky there will be an art of shaving or something near by which would make getting blades easy.

I flew a couple months ago with a DE in my carry on and had no problem. I had my razor in a kit and left it open so the screener could see it. He actually thanked me for leaving the razor open as it sped up the process.
I decided a long time ago that for short trips, packing a DE isn't worth the trouble. I just bite the bullet and take a Gillette Sensor or a good quality disposable with me. When you figure in all of the costs and hassles of traveling, plus the value of not having to deal with an unnecessary issue, an extra buck for a couple of decent cartridge shaves is money well-spent. Sometimes, its even fun to try something new. Also, you appreciate getting home just a little bit more.
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They shouldn't worry about razors in checked luggage unless you have them wired to a detonator.

I gave my visiting bro-in-law a rocket and some blades for his birthday last week, but he tried to carry them on his flight home. Luckily they let him keep the rocket.
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