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Ah man, what am l doing? Wet and dry

Well Like a dope l volunteered for so extra shifts at work to help out while we're very short staffed. Well that was around 4 weeks ago. This has completely changed how I shave and when. I've long been tidying my cheeks up while at work with a cheap little electric razor or using a Gillette sensor (2 or 3 blades) when showering at work. But lately I've really been hitting the gym too. So long working hours and then a couple after work working out. This has seen me left inclined to use a cart or the electric over my trusted wet set ups because of the hours Im keeping.

However this weekend fell just great for me, 3 days off on the trott. I decided no gym, no nothing just relax. So I treated my self (but forgot to take a pic).

Gem, bullet tip and fresh blade
Simpson Trafalgar 3
Trumpers rose cream
3P post shave balm
Turkish rose cologne

And just a spritz of GPG male.

The shave was a BBS smooth and relaxing. But its back to the grind stone tomorrow. Dont get me wrong a decent cart, sensor or mach 3 and a quick fuzz off with a foil razor is good and quick but you just cant beat (imho) a relaxing, scent filled, warm, soft wet shave.
Been there done that! Except I didn't use an electric shaver or a cart razor but I only did one quick WTG pass. If I'm tired I feel like I don't want to shave.
Life happens!

But it is great to get to enjoy your kit and technique when you get a break!:a29:
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