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Aftershave or balm that has Witch Hazel and a lot of Menthol or Eucalyptus?

I'm wanting to find some good Menthol and/or Eucalyptus aftershave or balm to finish my shave with. What are good brands to try that aren't super expensive or really hard to find? Or, maybe just some Menthol crystals I can add to something I already have?

I have some Nivea "cooling" balm but, it really doesn't have much of a smell or kick to it. It does work well for me though so, not a total loss. Seeing it listed as "cooling gel" made me think it would have a bit of kick to it but, no such luck. I don't need to set my senses on fire with it but, I would like a strong Menthol or Menthol/Eucalyptus smell to it without a bunch of alcohol burn.

Something I can pick up online without paying huge shipping costs is desired. Amazon right now is not a vendor I use much because I find the prices, in general, to be pretty high (embedded shipping in the item cost I assume) for where I live in Texas. Any recommended online purchase options would be appreciated. Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart are all within reasonable driving distances often enough to be good options. Big urban area trips are few and far between so, specialty stores generally aren't an option.

100% agree with Proraso Green, one of my favorites.

If you like menthol/eucalyptus freeze, keep an eye out for Clubman Osage Rub. Though not technically an aftershave, neither does it contain witch hazel, it does freeze you up nicely. At $8 for 14 oz you can add the witch hazel separately, though I’ve never felt the need.

Check out Stirling Soap Co. They have tons of fragrances, their aftershave splashes have witch hazel: some with menthol, plus the option to add menthol to any that don’t already. Fantastic products & service. Very reasonable shipping, too.
Add witch hazel to Osage Rub around 40-50%. You will get a nice menthol/eucalyptus hit from the Osage Rub and it's inexpensive.

Proraso Green is very good. You can get it less expensively in the big 400ml bottles which occasionally go on sale.
I love Proraso green, but I do not get eucalyptus from it.

Captain's Choice makes excellent after shaves, including Eucalyptus.

Where oh where is my beloved Superhazel! Oh well…. Out of production still??

Cannot beat Osage Rub for eucalyptus and menthol at a bargain price. You could add it to your favorite witch hazel easily, but I find that the oils in it are quite soothing already.

Proraso green, which I love, is much less of a menthol monster. Has a more complex scent profile when compared to Osage Rub, which is just menthol and eucalyptus. At least to my nose.
Stirling has a little squeeze bottle with 1 fl. oz. of menthol. They call it Frost Drops. For any of my favourite splashes that lack menthol, I pour the splash into my hand, then squeeze out 2 drops of menthol into the puddle, and apply. Feels great.
You can get a lifetime supply of menthol crystals on the bay for cheap.

Be very careful adding them to a splash though. It’s easy to add too much.
Not a big fan of balm, but Duke Cannon Ice Cold is pretty good if you like balm. I keep some on hand and use it if my face feels raw on occasion. It's soothing and very cooling. Definitely worth trying if you like balm. If I remember right it's about ten bucks a squeeze bottle. It's the only balm I will ever use.
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