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Hey guys,
I'm trying to find a product I can use as both an aftershave and a moisturizer. Meaning I basically don't want to have to keep two products around but rather just 1. I would like something I can use after a shave, and for that same product to be able to be used after washing my face at any random time during the day, and before I go to sleep at night. I don't think most aftershaves are meant to be used all over your face(including your forehead) but theres got to be something out there that will work well. I have read about the Aloe Gels, but I don't know if that really provides enough moisture, or if it simply helps heal. Thanks guys.
I think you could use the aloe 80 for both. it is just an aloe gel, it says it can be used as an all-body moisturizer and an aftershave. it isn't scented so you can use whatever you want for cologne and not have this overpower it. everybody recommends it and it deserves the recommendations.

it's cheap, it works as a good moisturizer/aftershave, it doesn't really have a scent, it's easy to find.
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