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I'm not Jasonian or JPDyson, but this is how I do it:

Invert Aeropress
Grind approx 16g of beans (same as I use for an espresso shot at home) to medium-fine grind (this is 1 1/2 scoops -ish, if you don't have a scale, I wouldn't worry about it too much, I find the aeropress pretty forgiving especially when you are making an Americano and can adjust your hot water added)
put in aeropress
add hot water and stir
put paper filter into screen and rinse (coffee steeps during this, about 20sec)
put on top of aeropress
turn over
I had never thought about inverting it to let the coffee brew. Great tip, thanks!
Inverting is the only way to go, imo.

20g of coffee, inverted, 30 second bloom (just enough to saturate grounds.. stir, if necessary), add rest of water(as much as it can hold), dwell for another 1.5 min. Flip onto cup, press.

Temperature should be whatever you would use for any other brew method. Grind setting should be coarser than espresso, finer than filter. Account for a 2 minute dwell time.. maybe slightly coarser.

Adjust to fit tastes. Repeat.

I have a Coava Disk for my Aeropress, which I like quite a bit. Use the included paper filters if you prefer a cleaner cup.

Then, throw away the booklet, ignore everything you've read in this thread, and experiment to your heart's content until you get a cup you are consistently enamored with. Enjoy!
I have a Coava Disk for my Aeropress, which I like quite a bit. Use the included paper filters if you prefer a cleaner cup.
I was reading about this recently. Looks like this could be an excellent way to get something between french press and drip cone, but without the mess that comes with french press. I might get one of the disks in about 4 years (after my inventory of Aeropress filters runs out lol).


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It arrived today and I gave it a spin at work along with the Hario manual grinder and some whole decaf beans from my local roaster (no caffeine after 9 am for me, :angry:). Other than the Popeye arm I anticipate getting from using the grinder, I was really pleased with the cup of coffee the Aeropress delivered. The decaf (CO2 process) was very flavorful and not bitter at all. Winner winner. I just followed the basic instructions, and look forward to experimenting.
I have to stop coming to B&B! I just ordered one. I can't wait for it to arrive. Really looking forward to experimenting with this thing. I'm just sad that I may like it better than my French Press.

Update: Mine arrived tonight and I brewed my first cup with it using the inverted method. Wow! Simple as pie and the clean up is so easy! I didn't read any instructions. I just did what I normally do when I make one cup using my french press. Same coffee measurements with slightly less water since the Aero is a little smaller than my usual cup. I am very impressed and on my first try, I got a much "smoother" cup than I do with my french. I could detect subtle flavors that I just can't with the french press. French press is being retired for a while. :(
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I don't use mine any more so I gave it to a friend at work. But I had two, so when I need to make extract for backpacking, I will be good to go.

Tried it for the first time today, 7g per 6oz. I like the process and simplicity, but I was lazy and used Starbucks Blonde they were handing out in sample bags. Meh. I'll give it a go with some fresh Peruvian from my local roaster tomorrow.
I have two. One for the house. One for the office. Love them, I prefer making coffee with it than with frenchpresses or brewers, mocapots etc.
Another Aeropress fan here, been using mine for well over a year now. Definitely a fan of the inverted method for brewing - as an added bonus you get a few more impressed looks in the office when you're flipping it over!

There's a great little brewing guide vid from my main coffee supplier here in the UK viewable here: http://www.hasbean.co.uk/pages/Aeropress-Brew-Guide.html. Highly recommended viewing, although I personally aim to get more water in the Aeropress itself (up to 250ml) and then don't dilute the coffee once made.
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I have an AeroPress as well and I started out doing the inverted flip thing but now I just sit it on the cu fill it up give it a couple stirs and top it off before putting the plunger on. Once the plunger is on it stops draining into the cup so I let it sit my preferred time then plunge and I get a full cup of coffee without adding water to the cup after the fact.


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I tried the inverted method today, adjusting to a slightly coarser grind. I must say that this approach gave me a really smooth, flavorful cup of decaf.
Been using the Aeropress for several years now together with my home roasted beans and still love it. Tried the inverted method for a while and also the Coava disk, but have since returned to the standard method with paper filters. I honestly couldn't detect much, if any, difference using the inverted method. In terms of the Coava disk, I don't like the sediment that remains in the bottom of the cup when using it. As always, YMMV.