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Acquisitions September 21 - 27

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Let's see the purchases for the week!
Sorry, haven't purchased anything yet, but I got some free stuff, and I think that will count as a score too :001_smile

I've got an uncle in Germany, who is looking out for shave stuff for me, and he just gave me these three things, which were almost thrown at him.

2 brushes, the one on the left is definitely a boar, I'm not sure about the other though, maybe a mix of hair and maybe someone has cut the top off? I've never seen a brush with a flat top like that.
And a nice Gillette ball ended NEW, that appears to be unused. There is a crack in the handle though, but this seems to be "normal" - or?
Allegro Honing and Stropping Machine, Mod. E

After much searching and no luck, I was about ready to give up on this quest for an Allegro Mod. E, and proceed with selling my J.A. Henckels Rapide out of despair...:001_rolle

But... I finally found an Allegro Mod. E with which I will finally be able to try out my Henckels Rapide! I'll throw in a few pics of the rapide for your viewing pleasure... :lol:

...And a nice Gillette ball ended NEW, that appears to be unused. There is a crack in the handle though, but this seems to be "normal" - or?
Unfortunately it's common for a Gillette NEW to have a crack. It doesn't hinder functionality though.
I hadn't even gotten my new Merkur Barber Pole "red" in the mail from classic shaving.com and I was ready to go. Nor had I had my first wet shave. But I can tell you I've got the bug. It all started with telling my mom who owns a couple of antique stores that I was going to collect DE razors as well as practice wet shaving.

My first razor is a Rolls Razor #2. Case and instructions included. I haven’t picked it up from her as she said she would like for me to have it as my first in the collection. Since then, I picked up 3 other razors while out and about. Antique malls seem to be the best place in Houston to pick up razors. I ran across 10 DE razors approx. 25+ SE razors.

In addition, I got a Rooney small stubby pure badger, some Merkur blades, Trueffitt and Hill pre-shave and sensitive cream. I was already using Clinique post shave healer which I really like. Threw some witch hazel for the face in the buggy and a bottle of 91% alcohol for disinfectant. Pretty much sums it up.

Since I’m new, please feel free in chiming in on identifying assistance.

The first is a Valet Auto Strop Model C I believe. Patented April 9, 1912

The second is a Gillette (approx 50's) Tech Silver Plated with codes B 2 and made in the USA.

The third is a Gillette (approx 70's) Super Adjustable with Codes G 2 and a black plastic just above the adjustable on the under carriage.
GEM Micromatic Open Comb in case, a 1/3 bottle of English Leather Lime (Old, with box) cologne, and a little over a half bottle of Avon "George Washington" cologne (very old, with box). I'll have to get pictures of the colognes. The Lime is, well, I dunno, citrusy, and the Avon is a very spicy but nice scent.

my new fat handle Tech, sold to me by fellow B&B member, Dink. a standup guy!

Gillette travel set: date code I1 which I think is '63. mint condition

sorry for the crappy pics. they were taken with my outdated 2 megapixel digital camera


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A few things;

2 soap rocks from Mama Sue: Lapis Lazuli and Malachite
1 SS of Energy Citrus Blend

2 SS of Pistachio Nut from Saint Sue

Speick cream and a 'blade sampler'( Super Iridiums; Shark Super Chromes;Lord Platinums- a pack each) from West Coast

Awaiting my Semogue 2000 and La Troja shave stick from Vintage Scent.

2 lots won on the bay.
Lot 1: 2 Gems, 2 Gillettes, 2 Austrians
Lot 2: C&E shaving cream/oil, Mach 3 razor, Super Badger Brush
Nice score, let us know how you like the Gillette New Open Comb you got in that lot, its one of my favorites, it provides an exceptionally close shave IMO :thumbup1:
Annoyed the one pic in the listing didnt show the head corrosion, but them be the chances on the big bay.... yarrrr:pirate:

1965 K-2

Just gotta find a Champagne now!
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Scored a Fatboy from Rockytop in the B/S/T.

I don't have a pic to post, but you can see the pics on the original thread. His pictures make the pits and patina look worse than it really is; I was quite surprised when it showed up today. I'll clean it tonight and give her a go tomorrow morning. In addition, anybody have any recommendations for cleaning up the patina and pits, or will the razor keep its, character! :biggrin: Thanks Rockytop, I am pleased!
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