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Acquisitions May 25 - 31

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Let me start! :001_smile


Thanks for the brush raffijian!
This week...

On order:

Hawleywoods No. 9 Aftershave
Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic
5 Arko shave sticks
2 alum blocks
1 tube of Arko original cream
1 refill cake of Tabac SS
I got lucky at the local flea market on Sunday. I ran into what could possibly be a gold plated single ring in one of the first booths and then proceeded to find a man set up on the outskirts of the flea market with lots of razors both straights and DE's. He had a roll of about fifty straights on the table all reasonably priced and also had a cigar box full of DE's. Many of the DE's were in rough shape but he had a near mint Rolls Razor that i picked up along with a Gillette SS flare tip date code B3. Here are a couple pics of my total haul. Also if anyone has any info about the "single ring" it would be helpful as there are no patent numbers on it anywhere just the old Gillette symbol and "Made In USA" All in all it was a great day and good start to Memorial Day.
Scored a nice 1964 Gillette British Tech at a flea market for $2.50, it cleaned up really nice. If I can get my camera to work I'll post a few pictures later on...
Picked up this nice Hoffritz Slant from a local antique store today. Third pic shows it next to my Merkur Slant for comparison.

One of two Gillette Slim Adjustables I picked up off the 'bay this week. I was actually bidding on the NOS blades that came with the razor, but ended up liking how it shaved so much I'm keeping it and selling my 38C.

Oops . . . I meant Super Adjustable.
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I found a decent Gem Feather Weight today at a local antique shop for an entire $3.50 (US). Last week I found a Gem 1912 for $5.00 (US).
Got back to Houston from school, and found two packages: a puck of Susies Bubbles Coconut Soap (won it from the newbie drawing a few weeks ago) and a T&H sample pack. The coconut soap smells delicious.
Just had a J2 Injector delivered, with some Super Stainless Schick blades. Looking forward to trying it out.

The razor looks unused, complete with dummy blade in the slot, but I think it could probably still do with a clean. It's what, 40 years old after all? I'll have to be careful not to melt the handle!
Got all of these yesterday (some of it thanks to the Spanish Postal Service, should had been here last week):

-TOBS Avocado & DR Harris Marlborough, bought them from a member of this forum (plus some Wilkinson blades)
- Pre/Post Proraso, went to get a soap for my father-in-law and couldn't resist it when I saw this also
- And several blades i got from a very good friend...


Anglia-Perfumery samples. Paid for ten, got all twelve :biggrin:
Tried the Park Royal today, and was a pleasant scent, that lasted the whole day.
Derby Extra
BIC Chrome Platinum
Proraso Green cream
Proraso White soap
Kent/MWF soap
PAL Super SE
Palmolive stick
Fat handle Tech
Tabac refill
Blue case TV Special
NOS GEM brush
Omega (I forget the model number) boar
C.O. Bigelo cream
60's Superspeed
Silcox gigantostand (Thanks Shane:biggrin:)


in today's mail...

thank you, copperhead!

thank you, shaved_*****!

and now... only one more to go!
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