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A Vote In Favor of Feathers

Last week, after having returned to wet shaving for a couple of months, I decided to try the Feather blades in my blade sample pack. I started out with store brand DEs, then German Wilkinsons, then Derby Extras from the sampler. I found that they could certainly be sharp, but I had trouble getting a DFS with any of them without irritation along the bottom of my neck. So I took the plunge.
I have always changed blades, carts, whatever, on Friday so that I get my best shaves over the weekend, but decided to try a light first Feather shave on Thursday afternoon. I prepped by simply throwing some hot water on my face, then face-lathering some Musgo with my AoS super badger. Then came the critical moment: I loaded the Feather into my Progress, cranked in the lowest setting, and put it to my face. I felt the improvement with the first stroke. Experiencing only a tiny nick at the left corner of my mouth, I confidently waited for Friday's morning shave.
I was not disappointed. I got the closest, least irritating shave of my life. With the warnings posted on this board lodged securely in my brain, I shaved slowly and gently and was well rewarded that day and every day since. I now fear no Feather, and I think the original fear led me to use better technique.
I am now looking forward to revisiting the Derbys and Wilkinsons to see if I can improve the shaves I get with them.
Make no mistake, these are the sharpest blades that I have used. But they taught me the meaning of "don't apply pressure." If properly used, Feathers are wonderful shaving implements. If improperly used, however, they have the potential to be the most famously destructive blades since the day that Julius Caesar said, "Hiya fellas. Where'd ja get the cool knives?"
I was months into my DE shaving before i used a feather blade and was blown away too. For me they are the sharpest, smoothest blade and first choice if i have more then a days worth of stubble.
Read the repetitive posts I have written on B&B regarding Feathers. I always advocate learning with Feathers. No faster way to learn DE shaving, the technique of angle and NO pressure. Early cuts make you learn quickly. This was my approach a year ago and never regretted it for a moment. I really don't understand the reluctance to suggest this blade early on, like it's a death sentence to all who dare. It's a blade, It's mean't to be sharp. Have faith and it will reward you with the best shave ever.

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