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A tale of Two Brushes

I have had my eye on a handle that resembles a Thater from DC Cosmetics for a while. Then I noticed a sale price on a complete brush with a 26 mm finest badger knot set at a loft of 50 mm. I prefer a loftier brush, but the price and the appearance of the handle was too much to resist.

When the brush arrived, the loft looked awfully short, so I measured it and it measured 45 mm. I tried shaving with it, but it was much too stiff and short for my taste. I reported the problem to AliExpress and was offered to send it back at the sellers expense for a full refund, or keep it for a refund of about half. Taking the slight loss was more convenient than packaging it back up for return.

Once I had the brush, I admired the handle even more, so I ordered a handle by itself. Cost was about the same as the whole brush was, but that would save me the hassle of drilling out the knot.

I also ordered a 26 mm high mountain (two band finest from ABCRE (formally ACE, a trusted source for badger knots). I already had a silvertip knot available, but I wanted a finest for this one. Anyway, I fitted the Ace finest knot and set it at 55 mm loft.

Anyway you can see how they compare. I'm really enjoying the brush with what I think is a better choice of a knot set where I like it. Although the handle is a little shorter than I prefer, the the modified hex shape makes it very comfortable to use.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the short one.


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