A quick head count

Discussion in 'Great Southern Land (Australia/NZ)' started by Legion, Jul 21, 2017.

    central coast NSW
  1. Perth, WA
  2. cleanshaved

    cleanshaved Moderator

    Did you get what you need for what you where thinking about?
  3. Legion

    Legion Moderator Emeritus

    Yeah, just collecting some data about where how everyone is scattered around that can be useful if we ever want to organise things like pass around boxes, gear trades, meetups, and so forth.
  4. Brisbane here.

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  5. New to things here.

    Currently Brisbane (ipswich)
    Originally Melbourne
  6. Welcome Stu89...

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  7. Ok I'll join in...near Casino ,Northern NSW.
  8. Melbourne
  9. Wellington, NZ
  10. Yo! an outa town boy! Jimboomba here.

    I'll try to visit more often.
  11. Evening all. My last entry shows me in Auckland, NZ. Moved out of the 'big smoke' (OK, by NZ standards, that is) a few months ago. Now in Oropi, Bay of Plenty, NZ.
  12. I live in the Lower Blue Mountains/Western Sydney.
  13. Darwin, Australia
  14. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Moderator

    Nice to have you back.
  15. Lol I've been around, just not posting
  16. Hamilton, New Zealand
  17. Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Victoria
  18. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    update me to Perth, old bean
  19. Invercargill, New Zealand.

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