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A nervous black male seeking a solution...

So. ...Now I'm considering the use of a straight razor. .

You see, the hairs grow so flat and parallel to the surface of the skin, that I'm wondering if the safety bar is somewhat ineffective during a WTG pass.
I mean. ...Can a lather reeally stand the hairs up if they're extremely coarse and grow flush to the skins surface?

I figure something with a naked blade such as a straight, or even a shavette will actually get to the hairs much more effectively WTG and allow for less passes.
Or i'm thinking, very mild, efficient ATG with a safety. For example. ....Karve with an A plate.

I still have the odd break out in the base of the neck area and I feel like a WTG pass would have more contact with the skin due to the way my hair grows, because for anything to be reached, the blade has to be extremely close.

I'll be trying both options to test my theory.

P.s....The gargantuan gap between posts within the thread, was due to more failed attempts than successful ones.

The journey continues. Hahaha
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