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A good warming aftershave for winter?

Yes, this one for sure.

How has no one mentioned Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum???

I believe Dog Whiskerer called it out. See below.

Winter=Bay Rum

And if you like burn, Pinaud Clubman delivers and is a good, strong, winter splash.

I love VIBR but I prefer to round it out in the Bootlegger's Bay Rum mix.

Also, Ogallala Bay Rum double strength cologne gives me a nice initial burn and a warming sensation for a while after applying it. I suspect that's actually just a reaction to the ingredients. Stirling Bay Rum as well as Fine also gives me a little bit of burn/warming. Cat O' Nine Tails from Captain's Choice is legendary for the burn and warming you'll find in that bottle. While I don't own Co9T, I have several of the Captain's other splashes and cannot recommend them highly enough!
Bond Tobacco, Whisky, & Cedar Aftershave fits that bill for me. Might be hard to find outside of Poland though.

Not sure if I recommend anything that provides a ‘warming’ sensation.

I do suggest Pinaud special reserve, which to me is the essence of a ‘winter’ splash/cologne!:thumbup1::thumbup1:
I like to use Stephan Bay Rum in Winter. It has a bit of lanolin in the mix, which is pretty good for skin conditioning (unless you have a sensitivity to it). I find this splash too warming to use in hotter weather, though.

The problem with adding ingredients like cinnamon oil is that it will cause skin irritation for some people.
I love VIBR but I prefer to round it out in the Bootlegger's Bay Rum mix.
I find VIBR to be too cloying sweet for me but it’s just right in the bootlegger’s bay rum mix

Clubman Special Reserve, Floid The Genuine, Pitralon Classic, Proraso Wood & Spice - each is a nice cold weather scent IMO.
Special Reserve and Wood and Spice would be my preferences of these options for a warming sensation. Though Pitralon and the new version of Floïd the Genuine are great year round options
I like Pinaud Clubman or the Vanilla for a warming scent. Special Reserve for when it's Arctic cold out.
The Ludovico Martelli Company produces 2 titans among splashes: Floid The Genuine and Proraso Red.
Floid the Genuine is quite refreshing and I wouldn't place it as a warming aftershave, furthest thing from it in fact. Excellent juice, though.
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