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A good deal?

Hello all

This afternoon I picked up a Fatboy (G1) in good shape for $16 at a local antique store. Is that a good deal, or is it more the going rate? It came with a period, but non-matching box. Man does that razor feel good in the hand! I'll give it a good cleaning tonight.

If it is in good shape I'd say that is a great deal.

All depends who you ask but there are a lot of Fatboys selling for a lot more than that with no case.
Fatboy pricing seems to go up, and down. The current pricing seems to be between $30-$50 for an uncased good condition Fatboy. So I would say you got an awesome deal. :tongue_sm
Tried it out this morning w. a new Shark blade. A pretty good shave! I like the added heft compared to my '61 SS.
Very nice condition for $16. It would fetch three times as much on ebay most likely. But, the important thing is the shave. The feel of shaving with a vintage DE is awesome.
That's a great looking razor for $16. I have absolutely no luck finding vintage razors in antique shops, saw a beat up, brassed, corroded slim adjustable for $35 at my local shop so that Fat Boy is a great deal!
Thanks for the thoughts guys, but I think I'll keep it!

The iphone didn't take crummy pictures, but I guess I should have wiped off the base of the stand to get rid of that water/soap spot!
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