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A Couple of Straights from My Mom's Closet

Hey Guys -

I am not sure if these were part of the family, or if my mom got these as part of her time as an antique dealer. Both have cases, but this first one doesn't seem to match. It seems that these could be restored reasonably, but wondering if either of them would be decent shavers - or if they are more collector type pieces:

First One:

This was the box it was in, but the names don't match, other than the fact that both companies are from Sheffield:

This is the other razor - with what appears to be ivory. The box appears to match - in name:

The box is stamped "WADE & BUTCHER"

Any info that you might be able to give would be great! Thanks in advance.


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They will both be fantastic shavers. Wostenholm and Wade & Butcher are among the best brands out of Sheffield, IMHO. Looks as though the Wosty is in great shape...the W&B could use some cleaning, but then you'd loose the etching. Treatment depends on how bad the rust near the toe is. Razors like that, I like to keep them as close to original as possible. Have 'em honed and put 'em to work. Nothing quite like shaving with a razor that is 100+ years old.

And keep digging around your mom's place. From the look of it, there is a Reynolds waiting to be re-discovered!
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Is your mom adopting? :w00t:

Two lusted after brands, just hanging out in the closet. In great shape no less!

I agree with Henry(ProfChaos) Hone and go, don't sand/restore.
Thanks for all the encouragement guys. Are they really 150 yo razors? Wow!

I have never shaved with a straight, only DE. I received a straight razor shave in Italy when I was there on vacation, and enjoyed it. I am curious about trying one of these out, but I am a little intimidated about it. I guess I would need a strop for that also.

About the restoration - I would like to keep the etching on the blade, but I figure getting the rust off would be a good thing for aesthetics, longevity, and tetanus prevention. But are you all saying to leave the rust and just get it honed? They both actually are relatively sharp. Not going to put them on my face, but the aren't dull for sure.


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You should get the rust of off the W&B for sure. But no more. Unfortunately, it'll likely leave some significant pitting. Alas, such is life. At least it is towards the outside of the etching. The Wostenholm looks fine. Having restored a few razors, and knowing the pitfalls all too well, I'd recommend you send them to one of the gents who offer restoration and honing services.