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A call out to my Canadian brothers

Hello all,

Whew! I haven't been by here for a couple of weeks since I've just moved into my new house....but that's another story!

Since moving into my new house I have run into a small problem with my morning shave. The mirror/cabinet in my bathroom is just a bit too far away for me to be able to see clearly what I'm doing without leaning uncomfortably over the sink.

So, what I'm after is a shaving mirror in the 'accordion style' that I can mount to the wall and get a better shave. Now when I lived back in the UK, this kind of thing was as easy to procure as walking into your local pharmacy. Here in the US, it's a whole other story. I've done a Google search and have found some but they come up at truly horrific prices....I mean $200+ for a mirror, c'mon!!

IKEA to the rescue!! Here is the exact thing I am looking for. Do the US branches stock it? OF COURSE NOT!

Here is my call to those Canadian brothers, would anyone that lives near an IKEA be prepared to see if they stock this particular mirror, and if so get one and mail it to me? I'll of course pay for the item, shipping and compensate for time and effort.

Cheers guys!
Yeah, I believe Ikea here still stocks them. I don't know when I will get to Ikea again (we go somewhat regularly, we have a couple that are local) and if I see one i'll pick one up for you. But if someone else is going sooner....

Have you checked at any antique stores. I know the last time I was at one there was an extension mirror. The mirror was no good however, it had gotten cloudy.

Just a thought.
Many thanks all, Geoff has stepped up to the plate! :biggrin:

Arby, I appreciate the listings but that was my point exactly - why the hell would I pay $60+ for a mirror. And they just keep goin' up in price from there!! I know there's one listed at $24.99 but....well....it's kinda ugly. Sincerely, I do appreciate the thought though. Cheers man.

rustyblade, thanks for the offer but you're off the hook! :D

JMT, credit dude, I never would have even thought of that!

You guys never cease to amaze me, I LOVE THIS FORUM!!:001_wub:
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