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A big fan of Feather razor...

been using both their Feather AS-D1 & Feather Artist Club DX, both are excellent razor very well-made and shave well. AS-D1 is on the mild side and dun really shave me well under my chin area. I use AC as my main razor then follow by touchups using AS-D1. :)

To use a Feather is to love it. I've got a straight handle Feather and I am climbing the learning curve. The less expensive model is still very well made. Plus you don't have buy and learn to use honing gear. In a pinch you can Schick injector blades. What's not to love?:thumbup1:
I finally received my Feather DE razor and Feather Stand today from Royal Shave..... What a Masterpiece.. I love the weight of this sucker, and the way its built. Great job in my opinion. I didn't use the Feather Blades that it came with, I used the Medical Personnas that I got today as well. I rushed home, lathered up, and had fun. Now I don't know if its the Blades or the Razor, I'll tomorrow when I use the Feathers... But this is a very mild razor... I love it! I usually get nicks with my other razors and blades, today I got nothing. I had to do 3 passes, first time ever doing that. Overall, I think I like this razor a lot, for $315.00 for the razor and stand, I think I did ok.
I've decided to order one last night as well from a local supplier here. Had some fun and very enjoyable shaves with a similar, but not as well built, stainless closed comb razor made in Thailand. However, from the looks alone the Feather appeals to me much more than that other razor. And since I am a big fan of Feather's blades as well, the shaves should be fine, although I read that the razor is very mild.
I guess I'll find out in the next few days...:tongue_sm
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