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Shavette journey, Leaf razor update, and new cream/post shave review

3rd shave with Feather AC DX and Soft Guard blade. Very subpar regarding closeness. I have a coarse beard that is very curly around neck. May be poor blade choice/ not efficient enough. Used as light as touch as I could and the shallowest angle that still cut. Started getting neck irritation trying to buff that area. I have fairly deep crevice where my sternocleidomastoids meet Adam’s Apple (pic attached) and have a tough time getting close enough here. When I stretch skin, it’s hard to get under the hair due to it curving into neck more and tough to cut with a shavette so far. If I go more lax, I get irritation from skin not being taught enough. Had to use the leaf twig/thorn to clean up. Still not sure which of those 2 I prefer but they both work great. Everyone has a different anatomy and may just have to keep using DE on neck. Regarding Jack Black products, the beard lube lives up to the hype. I started this shave with just the triple cream and once I started to get irritation I put beard lube and then cream on and it was the slickest lather I’ve ever made. The post shave moisturizer with SPF felt great as well. Used the facial wash pre shave and it was nothing special but got a deal with it and the beard lube.
Soft guards were too dull for me. Try the feather professional or proline p30.

Feather Pro Super blades are not sharper than regular professionals. They only have more blade exposure, which is redundant in the DX, like most shavettes
Thanks for the advice! Will order them and try next while I let this razor burn heal. Have you got a preference over feather professional or proline p30?
Thanks for the advice! Will order them and try next while I let this razor burn heal. Have you got a preference over feather professional or proline p30?
I personally prefer proline p30, but I can also get a fije shave with feather professionals. I also have a very tough beard and these two blades are the best I've found for my beard type.

Traditional straights simply do not get and stay sharp enough to comfortably and consistently shave my beard so I've been forced to thoroughly explore shavettes and their blades. Either of those two blades in a feather shavette reign supreme

Eben Stone

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I've tried the Feather SS and SR with Feather Pro, Feather Pro Super, Schick Proline, and Kai Mild blades, and the DX with Kai Mild blades. The DX and Kai Mild combination works great for me.

At least your neck looks mostly flat. My neck looks like heat shrink tubing around a wiring harness. My shaves would probably be a lot easier if I gained 50 pounds. When I shave with a DE it seems like I can go any direction without any punishment. But when using a shavette or straight razor there are some directions that just don't work. I basically go diagonally one way, then diagonally the other way.

When I do skin stretching, I always shave either towards or away from my stretching fingers. Towards is always a little scary, but I do it anyways. I never intentionally go sideways from my stretching fingers. Sometimes it feels like I'm doing arm gymnastics to achieve that, because I'm not ambidextrous with my shaving.

IMO, shallow angle is great when going WTG, but not very efficient when going ATG. If you go ATG, try angling that blade so the "spine," or whatever it's called on a shavette, isn't touching your skin.

Dave himself

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Great advice above. I also don't like guarded blades, they gave me really rough shaves. Like @Captain Howdy my favourite blades are the Feather Pros and p30. When shaving around the Adams apple try taking a culp and holding it, your Adams apple will disappear making it easier to shave that area.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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