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"Can't Raise an Eyebrow"
Unfortunately, the illuminated portion of the reticle of the Viper PST 2-10x32 is not daylight bright, even at the highest setting.
That sounds like the ticket. In general, long range shooters want to keep their bullets supersonic all the way to the target because of the instability that occurs when just about any bullet becomes unstable as it crosses the transonic range. Likewise, you don’t want to use super sonic .22LR ammo to shoot long distance because of the instability crossing the transonic barrier. Rather lob a slow.22 with accuracy that an erratic.22 with more velocity.
Yep, a little over 50 years when a fresh butter bar in the USAF, training to be a weapons controller, and that meant sitting on a radar scope and guiding an interceptor, ie the weapon, to his moving aerial target, we learned quickly that the order of the day was to keep the interceptor just below the transonic speed, specifying a usual mach number to make computations easier. Go supersonic if close enough and needed it, but stay out of the transonic range due to stability and buffeting issues.
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