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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Larry Telencio, Jul 28, 2019.

    I don't know why but I love the scent of 4711, and as most of you know it lasts about 20 min. ( if your lucky ) I was wondering if their is a quality frag that has a similar scent profile???????????? Your expert advise would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sir Larry, indeed 4711 is a nice, refreshing, albeit old-fashioned citrus scent!
    lemon, citrus, some lavender and other florals, very fleeting!

    from my limited experience, there are a few citrus-based colognes that you might want to try!!
    and, to be honest, many may not last much longer than your "20 minute" limit!!
    every person is different!!

    lemon scents.jpg
  2. Thank you for your reply. I have the T&H lime. I read a review on amazon UK that was interesting: This is a bit of an open secret - Ferrari Bright Neroli , not often found amongst the usual Ferrari scents on the high street, is a very highly regarded scent.

    Perfect for the summer this is a bright zesty citrus EDT .

    Elements of Tom Ford's Neroli Porofino and to slightly lesser extent Tom Ford's Mandarino Di Amalfi. If you are a fan of these style of scents (including 4711, Zegna Mediterranean Neroli, Acqua di Parma Colonia) you should give this a try.

    Why fret about paying £250 for a bottle of Tom Ford NP when you can pay £20 for this - it works out even better value than dupes of Tom Ford.

    These citrus scents are never long lasting with Beast Mode performance - but this is cheap to reapply. I think this lasts longer Tom Ford Neroli Portofino and lasts a lot longer than the very cheap 4711 - that lasts minutes
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    Hm. I add a little glycerin, and use 4711 as an aftershave.

    I'm of the opinion the glycerin gives is some "hang time."

  4. What ratio of glycerin do you use? I mixed my 4711 with some Thayers WH and it seemed to help a little, but not a lot!
  5. Ad Astra

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    Agree; not a lot.

    I always decant a little Pinaud or 4711 - whatever high-alcohol/no moisturizer product.

    Maybe 3-4 oz. in glass, and just a few drops of glycerin. Too much and you get tacky-face. No one wants that. (But you can save it by adding more 4711/Pinaud's etc. into a larger bottle)

  6. Check into Hermes Eau de Cologne. Similar to 4711, the citrus is a bit stronger and sharper at opening. The citrus lasts longer also. Hermes has a calm woody drydown. Kind of pricy, maybe 40 to 50 bucks for a few ounces, but it is good stuff, IMO. I was fortunate to find a bottle of Hermes in a box of several frags and aftershaves at a garage sale years ago for a few bucks. Hermes is clean and classy, a nice summertime scent. Also, a long shot would be to find a bottle of Pinaud Naturalle Sec, similar to both 4711 and Hermes. Naturalle Sec hasn't been available for awhile, but perhaps Ebay or Amazon might show a source.
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    The tour of the Farina store is very interesting. They have several different types of colognes you can buy.
    I picked up the Russian leather when I was there.

    4711, a copy-cat success story. After about 80 years of legal haggling (centuries ago) they were forced to change the name, and they chose their address, hence the 4711.
  8. sarimento1

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    Tell us more about the story!!
  9. Pepin

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    the Farina family moved to Cologne in the early 1700's, and set up the cologne business. There was no real copyright law, and another company also copied their "Eau de Köln". There was a long period of legal activity between Farina and the copy-cat company. When it was settled, they agreed to pick a different name, and came up with 4711, there street address number.

    Both the Farina building and the 4711 building are locate close to each other. 4711 has done well with their product and marketing plan in several countries around the world.

    If you have the chance, visit both of them. Great products from both.
  10. sarimento1

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    Indeed, you are so right!!
    It was a nice visit!!

    rhine 2016-01177.jpg
  11. I secnd that. If you are in Cologne, visit both addresses!

    And it is true. 4711 was much more sucessful than Farina, which was always expensive, and to be honest the more sophisticated stuff for the upper class, whereas 4711 was a mass market product (close to a snake oil) for the broader public. It was used as a medicine (from headache, depression to arthritis), refreshment, body rub etc., and for inhalation of course ...

    Here are some vintage commercials (in German):

    (today there is MDMA, in the 1950s there was 4711 ;) )

    4711 echt kölnisches Wasser Werbung der 70er

    Kölnisch Wasser 4711 Werbung 1991
    (nice try to reestablish old habits - didn't work)

    And this is a kind of documentation / infotainment by a German drugstore company (I think English subtitles are available): Echt Kölnisch Wasser: Hinter den Kulissen von Eau de Cologne 4711 - dm mitgefragt? Folge 22
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