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3 a.m. boredom

So, what do you do when you’re awake at 3 a.m. and don’t want to wake the household? Why, lather up all the brushes you own and compare broken in to not broken in... of course. Using MWF as the soap of choice, we have (Left to right):

  • Omega 011842 (not quite broken in)
  • RR Plissoft
  • RR Amici # 79 of 100, made by Semogue (Mixed badger and boar, like the Caravela)
  • Semogue 1470 (Not quite broken in)
  • Omega mixed midget
I was actually quite surprised how the boars performed considering they were only soaked for a minute or 2 and palm lathered. They’ve only got about 20 shaves on them. The Amici and Plissoft work incredibly well, and I’m delighted with the “Midget” as it’s my oldest brush, and typically only used for travel.

What can I say?

I routinely use being awake at odd hours to mess around with shave stuff. Most of the time it’s either some brush cleaning or if I know I’m ready for a blade change I’ll use the time to disassemble my razor and clean all the parts and load a fresh blade. To me these are the perfect little tasks to do with this kind of time on my hands. Somewhat mindless but still enjoyable as well as still having a benefit. We can only shave so often so to me most of the remaining time in the hobby is just messing around with my stuff.
Nice set of brushes! You make MWF very tempting.

If you have a caliper and a scale you can measure the heck out of razors and brushes. A very quiet middle of the night pursuit. And at that time, there are fewer mocking spouses who haven’t got a mutant STEM gene.
I occasionally find myself awake at odd hours as well. Sometimes I reorganize my soaps and I enjoy the peace and quiet while I do that late at night or early in the morning. It's almost like a zen/mindfulness thing where I just focus on organization. Highly recommended!