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20,000 Post PIF.


The Aussie Bulldog
PIF time Gents. I have just hit my 20,000 post. To give back to this wonderful community I am happy to send this PIF anywhere in The Great Southern Land. What you see in the photo is what you will receive.
1 X Jack the Barber DE Safety Razor.
1 X Jack the Barber Shaving Brush.
1 X Jack the Barber Shaving Cream.
1 X Nivea Men 2 Phase Aftershave Lotion.
1 X Shave Cream.
1 X Windsor Shave Stick For Men.
1 X Micro Touch One Tuck of Blades.
1 X Crown Tuck of Blades.
1 X Asco Orange Tuck of Blades.
1 x Shark Super Chrome Tuck of Blades.
1 X Lord Super Chrome Tuck of Blades.
1 X Big Ben Tuck of Blades.
I will run the PIF until the weekend and then pick a winner and post the PIF out on Monday 25th of November.
Just say I am In and you are In.
New Zealand members are definitely welcome to jump in.


George Bailey Fanboy
Very nice PIF, and congrats on the 20,000 mark. You are a great person in this community. Obviously, I'm not in, unless I move before the weekend!


Moderator Emeritus
Thanks for keeping it real Andrew and for all of your input. I'm obviously not in, but the winner will be a very happy punter.
Gratz on your 20,000 post milestone . Pity I can’t enter but good luck to everyone who does .

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Wow very, very nice of you. Cootamundra - I thought it sounded familiar. Ive driven through it going from Adelaide to Taree to visit my dad. He got hit hard in the bushfires so i am going up there as some stage soon to help out. Did you get hit at all by the fire.

Im only a newbie so I won't put my hand up, there are more worthy and longer members on here. Very nice gesture of you...


Moderator Emeritus
Congrats r377, and thanks Andrew!

Newbies are the best winners of these pifs.

I was the lucky recipient of one similar in my early days, and it encouraged me to stick with it and be more involved with the community.
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