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1st Year Shaving PIF

Great story and PIF.

I’ve been trying out some of the blades I got from a newbie PIF last week, they are awesome. I don’t want to be a selfish newbie but I’d love the opportunity to win this one as well if that’s within your guidelines for the PIF. Thanks and I’m In!

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My wife got me my first DE blade for Christmas. Since then, I've done nothing but read up about it. I would love to expand my tiny collection. I'm in.
Great story, thank you for sharing that. You're offering a great kit especially for someone just starting out. Not in, but very nice.
Excellent story and awesome PIF!

Respectfully not in but looking forward to the winner posting their feedback.
Thanks, carluchi! I'm hoping we get some more folks in here, otherwise the odds right now are 25% for each entrant.
Wonderful PIF I would love to be in.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.

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Amazing back story and I recently got into shaving because of my uncle @Suhrim21 , at first I was skeptical about cutting half of my cheek off but I feel like I've gotten better 🤣 I'm in!
Thank you for sharing your story and I think it is fantastic that you are PIF!!! Respectfully not in and this will surely set up a Newbie for success.
Thank you all for your comments and to those who entered, good luck! I know turn to the Great Oz to generate a random winner from our 5 entrants--and the Oscar goes to . . .

noah.sandhu02 . . . congratulations! I'll shoot you a message to get the mailing details.

This is the second PIF I've done, and each time I feel bad for those who entered but didn't win. Wish I had a set for each of you, but as much as I wish money were no object it actually is. But I thank you all for your interest and good luck with future PIFs!
I’m glad I read this thread. Wonderful PIF. I set my brother and father up this Christmas with some goodies to show them my new found enjoyment. I even got a chance to show em the “how to” over the holidays.
Good times.
As a new member of this forum, and working with my own basic new shave set, I am very excited to read through this and see the members of this forum that are both respectful and very generous. Sorry that I missed out on this but extremely encouraged and excited to be a part of a community of many greats that I may be able to learn from.

Also, congrats noah!!
Have him get in touch with DEPenguin, as this is his awesome PIF. Nice to see you getting family involved with the forum.

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