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1st proper straight razor shave

I finally plucked up the courage in attempting to perform my first full face shave with a straight. I’d had a few occasions where I would do just the cheeks then use the DE Zto tidy up but not today.
It wasn’t without challenges.
First was getting to hold the straight comfortably while shaving. Managed to overcome this somewhat.
Second was maintaining the correct angle for me. Feel I did ok overall with only a couple of nicks after a two pass shave N-S and S-N.

Was very pleased with the result and looking forward to extending the learning curve. Thanks to all B&Bers that provided encouragement. I’m on the right track


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Congratulation, it sounds like you had a successful first full shave. With mastering new skills, the more you do it the more proficient you get, that’s the hope anyway. Be patient, it takes time, you are off to a great start.
Nicely done on your first SR shave. Stick with it and you’ll figure out how to hold the razor and all the angles for the whole shave as each one gets better and better.

It’s a lot of fun and very satisfying to see and feel the progress as you get more experience. Before you know it your shaves are better than you ever thought was possible.
Congratulations, I started mid November, I used a DE to clean up the first 18 shaves, from then on I’ve been all straights. 66th shave today. Keep at it and it will come to you. I really improved when I went all straight. Best of luck.

Antique Hoosier

Congratulations! I remember my first attempt with a 5/8 Wade & Butcher in vivid detail in my brain. Hopefully you begin learning with both hands because it really helps.
**** just looked it up in the B&B archives… it was December 14th, 2008…. 5524 days ago!
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Performed another straight shave today. Good result but think the GD66 will need a good few laps on both the linen and leather sides of the strop. If this fails it’ll need to be ‘professionally’ honed.
Good learning curve though and the most important thing for me is to take my time and enjoy the experience
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