1960 F-4 Toggle

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    Well gentlemen and ladies, I'm now a Toggle man.
    Recently the chance to purchase a 1960 F-4 Toggle presented itself to me for a price no sane vintage razor collector could resist.
    Officially it's my birthday present from my lovely wife since she said I could get it. That's right, I was smart enough to ask first!
    Anyway, I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and absolutely love it. It's by far my favorite adjustable DE razor, and I've used a Fatboy, Slim, Black Beauty, Variant, and Progress.
    Anyway here's a couple pictures of it.
    20181103_091350.jpg 20181103_091330.jpg
  2. Wow that looks amazing. :D:D
  3. Congrats on getting a great razor. Not sure why it never took off for Gillette they obviously invested in the machinery to make it
  4. Razor emporium explained it in one of their videos. I can't remember why.
  5. A thing of beauty that was meant to be enjoyed...very happy you got one.
  6. Great looking razor!! Plus, SAVY MOVE asking LOTH first!! :a14::a14::a14::a14:
  7. Congrats
    It looks fantastic new old stock?

    DCRIII Contributor

    Thank you everyone!
  9. That’s a gorgeous razor. Congratulations and be sure to profusely thank your wife.
  10. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Ambassador

    Congratulations on the Toggle, very smart move getting LOTH on board. I should do that more often.
  11. A small tear may have rolled down my cheek:) what a beauty!!
  12. Stunningly beautiful! Happy Birthday, indeed!
  13. It's beautiful. Congratulations and Happy Birthday. :a50:
  14. Congrats, very nice looking Toggle! The Toggle is also my favorite adjustable.
  15. You got a great looking shaver there. Toggles are my favorites vintage razors as well.

    Search for a thread called Toggle Parade and post your pictures there as well.

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  16. Graydog

    Graydog Contributor

    Dave , Even the Brush looked Happy :)
    I have been looking myself for a Toggle , Beautiful !
  17. Northstonehill

    Northstonehill Contributor

    Awesome catch - both razor and wife :a14:

  18. Congratulations, Dave!!!! Love that brush too!
  19. Beautiful Toggle, congrats!
  20. Canadian Mountain Man

    Canadian Mountain Man Contributor

    Absolutely stunning Toggle, you did very well!

    Happy birthday and keep enjoying the shaves.

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