1960 F-4 Toggle

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    That might be called a toggle, instead of a flippy thing :)
  1. I only have the one but here's a picture with his cousin.

  2. Now that we've spent 3 pages commenting and gushing over how beautiful the Gillette Toggle razor is, and it is very striking, I'd like to hear more from brother DCRIII about the specifics of why he feels it's his favorite adjustable razor, compared to the Fat Boy, the Slim, the Black Beauty, the Progress, and the Variant.

    That is some very formidable competition!

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    Forgive the late reply, but I really had to figure out a way to explain why I enjoy the Toggle over all other adjustable razors I've used. The only thing that that comes to mind is that it's smoother regardless of the setting. Taking a closer look at the head of the Toggle and comparing it, at least to the other Gillette adjustables, the riser plate is different. It has a lower lip that the others. It's possible that the extra surface allows for a smoother glide across my face.
    The progress and variant both shave identical to each other, at least for me, and have a tendency to slow with friction if my face isn't super wet and slick.
    Attached are so pictures for comparison. The Toggle is in the center of each.

    These first two are a comparison to a regular Fatboy and gold plated Executive.
    The second two is a comparison to a Slim and a Black Beauty.
    The last two is a comparison to the Variant and Progress.
  4. Heeeheehee! Love it.

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