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1921 Silver Tuckaway

This little beauty was not replated -- don't know what level of purity Gillette used on their silver plating -- but this little baby was hardly tarnished at all when I picked it up last week. Maybe the little bag is one of those anti-tarnish cloths. The faded or brassed look in the last photo is just a reflection since this razor is not brassed or tarnished at all.

What a great piece of work. Wished they still made them like this -- in my opinion the heavy duty stainless razors that are becoming all the vogue lately -- don't really compare. But each to their own...
Beautiful set, Jake! I love the way that the old silver polishes up. And there is just something special about the way the Tuckaway shines with the fine diamond engraving/etchings on the handle.
I do have a real affinity for these classic razors so I guess they just find their way into my collection sort of karmicly -- if there is such a word or term or reality.

Seriously I search the usual places we all look for antiques and collectibles. And I enjoy the hunt and the acquisitions. An estate sale is coming my way soon, and I am looking forward to that collection also.

I do try to share the bounty -- photos and BST offerings, so stay tuned. And thanks -- this Tuckaway really is a beautiful set.
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