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100 Russian blades PIF

There are many fine Russian blades, and these are among them. I have no complaints with how they shave.

Enter the PIF if you are in need of blades and you like these brands and would order more. Have mine instead!

85 Astra Superior Platinum
5 Astra Superior Stainless
5 Voshkod
5 Lada

I will draw from a hat next Sunday, September 7 to those who respond with an "I'm in." Let me know if you are a student or unemployed and I will put your name in twice.
I'm NOT in! But that's a great offering. I already have around 180 Astra SP's already so I'm sure someone will enjoy receiving this excellent PIF offering.
Im in. Not a student. I've never tried voshkod, lada, or the stainless. I do like the platinums. Thanks for the chance.
I'm in! I'm a student taking a small hiatus from school because I'm struggling to afford it! But I plan to go back once I've made enough!
Great PIF on some GREAT blades :yesnod:

I'm Not in as I have more than enough blades to last a couple lifetimes.
I'm in! I'm a college student training to become a social worker and save the world.... (Blissful optimism) Thanks for a generous PIF!
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