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GIVEAWAY! PPI Astra SP + Bonus Item PIF

Greetings. I'm giving away a sleeve of 100 Astra Superior Platinum blades (made in Russia) and a travel-size Clubman Styptic Pencil.

Amazon sent me an extra sleeve by mistake. Five years and two moves later, I still haven’t gone through the first one. I'm trying to free up space, and now that I shave mostly with a straight, I figure I'll find these blades a better home.

This PIF is open to all members in the US and Canada. Just say "I'm in" to enter. I'll randomly choose a winner next Sunday.

I'm in!

I've been wanting to try these blades and I've been fighting the urge to purchase the 100 pack. Thanks for the opportunity and this generous PIF.
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Outstanding PIF. Great great blades. I have a sleeve or two of these blades so Im not in. Good luck to all and appreiate thanks to the OP for this PIF.
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