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10 years in, finally found a smooth blade

Are you sure about that?

These guys still show them as made in Germany.
Like anything wet shaving, I am not. I do know that they were made in Germany maybe 5 years ago give or take. I have discussed this with people that have some and their's are about this age. At this point, I haven't seen anybody post a razor that came with German blades, that stock should be gone. I only have a few packs and they are all CZ. There are two possibilities that I can think up: they switched them back or they are sourcing from both locations now. Maybe I should dig up that post, I have it bookmarked, where a poster showed how close on a map Muhle's headquarters is to the blade factory in CZ. Not that that proves it, as the poster said.

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Derby Extras are brutal for me.

For me, they are highly razor dependent.

I do not have the skill, patience or face to make a Derby Extra work in a mild or even medium-ish razor.

However, in an aggresive head they suddenly come to life. When I want to use one of my more aggro razors but don't necessarily want to be 'fighter pilot' focused that day I load up a Derby.

Safe, super smooth and more than enough closeness for those occasions.
Muhle blades are apparently still made in Germany. While the Merkur blades are now made in the Czech Republic.
That means they are probably being made in the same factory as the Timor blades, which haven't gotten positive reviews lately. The only other factories are the Edgewell plant and Harry's(Feinteknik), but we don't whether they are still producing DE blades(assuming not). Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
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