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Williams Shaving Cream

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This shaving cream from France offers great value for your money. With prices at just € 2,00 it is dirt cheap. This cream contains allantoine. I don't know the translation in English but it is extracted out of weat and it is supposed to stimulate cell division and damaged skin to recover. Also it is said to offer a nice treat for your shaving brush. Although I can't really confirm those statements, I CAN tell you that this shaving cream is really easy on the skin. It leaves a fine protective-layer after you rinse it off. I love the way my skins feels after shaving, I don't need to use a moisturizer, just some Nivea Balm and you'll feel great. It smells exactly like Nivea Shaving Gel that I used to use before switching to DE shaving. A little bit of this cream whipped up will result in a luxurious rich creamy smooth shave. Also the scent goes perfectly with Nivea's Mild After Shave Balm.
I can see myself using this daily as I see my favourite cream (Proraso) more as a special occasions cream.
The only reason I would prefer Proraso over this product is because of the menthol effect and probably also the scent. But now that I saw that Williams also makes a menthol cream I can't wait to try it out.

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i got a tube earlier today and after a few test lathers; i think it looks really nice!
the scent is a bit old school; but i didn't find it bad as previously pointed out.

if i had to choose based on availability and scent i'd pick in that order: 1 Nivea; 2 Williams and 3 Palmolive(i sort of hate the smell of it)

i'll write a decent review as soon as i used it for long enough
Picked this up for less than 4 USD here in Switzerland. I thought I might use it as a booster to make super lather with my shaving soaps (I use the very lightly scented european Palmolive for this now). I decided to try it on its own and was pleased to see that it made a lot of high quality lather right off the bat. The resulting shave was close and my face feels great and well moisturized.

The scent is quite strong right out of the tube, but does not seem as strong after shaving. I found the scent pleasant, but it may not be for everyone. In any event, the strong scent means that I will not be using it aas a booster, but I will be working it into the regular rotation.
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Like most inexpensive European creams, this stuff has a low-rent, unmanly cologne scent. Sort of an all-in-one cream and cheap after-shave. It's all a matter of personal preference, of course, but it's hard for me to believe that any adult male would actually want to smell this way.

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