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I first received a sample of this soap when I ordered online from, which is a Dutch shavingshop. Ever since I had this tiny sample I was simply blown away by it's scent. Apparently the story goes that one day in 1903, Salvador Gal a Spanyard and founder of Gal Perfumes, passed through the small village of Pravia. And was blown away by the scent of freshly cut hay. From that moment he was obsessed by making a perfume with that scent. Now I know what you think...
This shaving cream from France offers great value for your money. With prices at just € 2,00 it is dirt cheap. This cream contains allantoine. I don't know the translation in English but it is extracted out of weat and it is supposed to stimulate cell division and damaged skin to recover. Also it is said to offer a nice treat for your shaving brush. Although I can't really confirm those statements, I CAN tell you that this shaving cream is really easy on the skin. It leaves a fine...
Finally a product that nobody has reviewed yet. My grandfather gave these to me a couple of months ago. I've been using them ever since. I did some research on the internet and found out these are the old Wilkinson Classics. You can't buy these in stores anymore. But The Barberschop Classic Shop (Holland) still has them and is selling their old stock in one lot of blades (175). I must say these are good blades and I absolutely love the retro packaging. I'm not sure how old these blades are...
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