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So far so good! This is a very inexpensive product that is effective in combating razor burn, ingrown hair and dry skin. Smells like cucumbers tho:/ but the aroma does faint fast. I have heard lots of members talk about Witch Hazel products and thought I could give it a go and I am happy with the product. I use it very generously every morning regardless if I shave or not. Also at $8 a bottle, and a pretty large bottle, it will last awhile. Highly would recommend it. 9.5 Out if 10, for the aroma, tho not a deal breaker by any means.

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Pros: Smell, price
I actually like the smell opf this alot. It's sweeter than you might think for cucumber, but not overly so - you certainly wouldn't think you're sniffing a cucumber lollipop. I haven't been using it for very long, but it seems to do the job nicely - very refreshing, and not in a jarring way like some mint or menthol aftershaves. No alcohol so no burn.
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4.00 star(s)
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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