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St Charles Shave Lavender After Shave Milk

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Fellas this is the aftershave milk you never knew you needed. I consider myself a lavender connoisseur and this is as good as an aftershave can get.

Price: Shipping prices make it more practical to purchase multiple items from most vendors and Sue is no exception. The exceptional SCS inventory makes this dangerously easy.

Quality: I find myself shaking the bottle out of habit but this is not necessary: there is no separation of ingredients and this product should make a decent traveler. The glass bottle is also a nice touch and adds to the overall high quality feel of using the product.

Fights Razor Burn: This aftershave fights like a champ in this department, especially considering its lavender component. Its rejuvenating effects are right up there with other alleged high end retail products.

Cooling Sensation: I do not expect a cooling sensation from an aftershave milk (unless it is refrigerated or contains alcohol). My skin nevertheless feels satiated after each use.

Scent: If you decide to try this product for any reason I assure you its scent will not leave you disappointed. If you love lavender this is a must have!
Just a whiff from the luxurious bottle will leave you lavender-laden—as if the bottle were a vase with sprouts of lavender shooting skyward and filling your lungs and shave den with a tremendously relaxing sensation. You can tell Sue really did not skimp on the lavender essential oils with this one. The strength of the lavender scent is comparable to Castle Forbes or Art of Shaving lavender shaving creams.

Efficacy: Nothing more to add apart from that which is already mentioned above—this stuff does what it's designed to do!

Moisturizing: This aftershave is surprisingly moisturizing considering its intense lavender olfactory properties. Not quite as moisturizing as other moisturizers out there but this is a better all-around product. It doesn't just moisturize or just smell delicious. It's a classy, high quality product designed to do both and accomplishes such with flying [strike]lavender[/strike] colors!

No Alcohol Burn: I would rate this criterion, along with scent, 11 if possible. There's no alcohol burn here because this product does not contain alcohol. I also experienced no irritation due to stearic acid (a common irritant to my skin that's contained in many alcohol free moisturizers and ASBs) or the essential oils contained in this product.

In case the above did not make it clear: I like this product. I love most things lavender and believe I have a discerning eye/nose/beard when it comes to lavender products.
Stack this right up there with Castle Forbes and Art of Shaving in the scent department. The force of the lavender smell is truly incredible and stays with me for a while. Every now and then I catch a sniff of it a few hours into the day (even over my New Spice EDT).

I enjoy using this one so much that I even apply it on the days I don't shave.

Thanks to Sue for yet another superior product! :thumbsup:


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This really is a nice product. I have tried the Rose, Coconut and the lavender. The lavender is the BEST!!!
This is one of my favorite balms. I use it on a regular basis and would recommend it to everyone.
I concur with those who find Sue's Lavender Milk a wonderful product. It feels great on the skin (just don't use too much). The scent I find to be on the mild side but very pleasant. I must admit that I have taken a bit of time to find acquire a taste for balms/milks but this is a nice product. For the price it can't be beat. It is a very good value.

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