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This soap is probably not intended specifically for shaving, but it did provide a decent lather, lubrication and shave. We here in Columbus, GA don't have may options other than Van der Hagen and Williams but I have tried Col. Conks and this is not too far off the same scent as the amber. It comes in a variety of different scents and even in a sensitive version fragrance free. It is a glycerin soap that has many essentials that the big boys have. Oatmeal, handmade, etc.

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Great to use to make a Superlather
Haven't tried it for shaving...but if you are looking for a great soap for bathing, this is it. The unscented oatmeal soap is great for problematic skin. Super cheap too.
I bought this at my local health food co-op for $2.00. I opted for a lavender scent soap out of about 7 different scents. At first I could not make good lather then I realized I had to much water. Certainly not the best soap, but gets the job done! Still and enjoyable shave. I tried to melt this to my bowl in the microwave and it started to foam really wierd. Probably would be best to mill this one. :001_smile
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